We are Circle

Our mission is to fundamentally improve commerce by helping companies understand and reduce their environmental impact.

Circle was founded to help businesses use an ecological mindset to drive business success and accelerate our transition to a sustainable world.

Based in Canada's beautiful capital, Circle is on an ambitious mission to change how business interacts with the natural world.

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Our story

June 2017
When Circle founder Lucas Fraser was travelling through Southeast Asia, he saw homes and farms directly adjacent to expansive burning landfills, beaches cluttered with plastic waste, and many others direct byproducts of unsustainable business practices.

This sparked a deep and lasting passion to find solutions to our global environmental challenges.
(see Lucas’s TEDx Talk)
November 2017
Circle is launched as a platform for content to help small and medium business owners reduce their environmental impact.
January 2018
Circle completes the Dobson Practicum accelerator program at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.
May 2019
Circle relaunches in Ottawa with a new mission & vision, senior advisory team, and approach to tackling the global climate crisis.
We combine environmental scientists with business-minded individuals to help businesses drive business success with sustainability.
September 2019
Circle launches a new website showcasing new content, events, and tools for SMBs to take environmental action.

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