The Environmental Imperative

Our global economy is causing irreparable damage to global ecosystems and changing our climate. We need to act now.

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Our climate is changing

The burning of fossil fuels, among other causes, is emitting massive amounts of CO2 and greenhouse gases. These emissions trap heat in our atmosphere and increase the severity and frequency of natural disasters and extreme weather events, among other outcomes.

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Oceans are rapidly acidifying and warming

More than 90% of all the extra heat energy trapped by our atmosphere is going into the oceans. This is increasing their temperature and acidity, and raising sea levels. Warmer and more acidic oceans are more volatile and cause harm to all ocean life.

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We have entered a period of  mass global extinction

We are entering the sixth mass extinction. The main direct causes of biodiversity loss are habitat change, direct exploitation (e.g., fishing, hunting and logging), invasive alien species, pollution, and climate change.

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Global food, water, and natural resource systems are at risk

Overexploitation, unsustainable agricultural methods, and monocultures threaten our global food supply, meanwhile climate change increases the frequency and severity of droughts and floods, exacerbating the problems.

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We are gambling with the lives of future generations

By causing massive, widespread, irreparable damage to our climate, global ecosystems, natural resources, and oceans, we are reducing the quality of life of future generations. They may not be able to enjoy the same peace, prosperity, and health that we take for granted.

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The 10 Essential Resources for Sustainability Professionals

Learn what you need to know about the latest in climate and environmental science so you can effectively communicate to your teams.

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The challenges are immense, and so are the opportunities

Right now, our clients are seeing asignificant business benefit by taking action on sustainability. But if you wait until the majority has already acted, it will already be too late.