Track and improve your organization's impact

Track, manage, and reduce your organization's impact with this sustainability data tracking and carbon accounting tool.

Easy Sustainability Data Management

Instantly get setup to track data from any activities, access the comprehensive database of emission factors, add places and projects, and view your data in a real-time dashboard.

Upload and view your chart

Upload a CSV containing your contacts to the Circle Base (we won't keep them) to view a personalized chart displaying which of your customers is in the database.

Improve your sustainability

Based on our principles or yours, launch and develop a strong sustainability strategy that connects your values to those of your target customers.

Create your BetterBadge page

Build a custom page to share with your community, showcasing your sustainable approach and sourcing direct feedback from the people who matter most.


Use Base with your favourite apps

Upload your export to any CRM, email software, marketing tool, or simply use the data in your internal and public sustainability reporting.

Your customers will thank you

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