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Circle Launches CDP Disclosure & Support Service

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

CDP is one of the most comprehensive and internationally recognized sustainability reporting platforms in the world. Each year CDP supports thousands of companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and deforestation. These organizations report at the request of their investors, purchasers and other stakeholders.

Circle offers CDP Reporting Services

Circle is proud to announce that we are now offering CDP disclosure services to all of our clients.

By reporting to CDP, you can gain competitive advantage by getting ahead of regulatory and policy changes, identifying and tackling growing risks and finding the new opportunities for action being demanded by your investors and customers across the world

Benefits of CDP Disclosures

Over 525 investors with US$96 trillion in assets requested companies disclose through CDP on climate change, water security and forests. By disclosing, you add yourself to the list of organizations these investors are willing to include in their portfolios.

Over 120 major buyers, with combined purchasing power of US$3 trillion asked their suppliers to disclose through CDP. Whether your supply chain partners are already requesting carbon disclosures or not, you set yourself apart by disclosing.

Over 8,400 companies reported through CDP on climate change, water security and forests. By disclosing, you join the list of the most responsible and transparent organizations in the world.

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