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RePack: The Company Taking the Waste out of Shipping

Have you ever wondered where the box for those jeans you ordered online comes from? Where it goes after you open it? In 2016, around 1.6 Billion people ordered goods online. That's no small amount of packaging.

This is the problem RePack set out to fix, and they came up with a very elegant solution.

What is RePack?

Put simply, RePack is a reusable packaging solution. Using recycled materials, the company creates packaging that is intended for up to 20 uses. e-Retailers then use these packages for shipments, saving money on packaging and making customers happy.  

According to RePack, the service results in 80% less CO2 emissions, and no waste. Customers who use it spend on average 30% more on their purchase, and 60% of vouchers are claimed - meaning increased sales AND loyalty!

How does shipping with RePack work?

When an online retailer offers Repack, they give customers the option to use RePack packaging. Customers opt in, paying a small deposit for the package. Once the customer has received the package, all they need to do is drop it back in a mailbox - anywhere in the world - and it will be returned to be cleaned and reused. When it is received, the customer is given a voucher refunding their deposit, to be used again in the store.

The process is shown nicely in this video. It's a simple, efficient, environmentally friendly service, and it is really catching on!  

Who uses RePack?

There are just over 50 companies using RePack right now, and it is growing quickly. Some of the top brands are Filippa K, Mud Jeans, and Makia. Clothing brands dominate the list, but this will certainly grow to include more types of products and businesses in the near future.

If you're a business owner setting out to take your first steps to sustainability, using RePack may be a great place to start!

What can we learn from RePack?

Some of the brands working with RePack have come up with creative solutions to not only reduce impact, but get more loyalty from customers and increase their sales!, Finland's largest outdoor apparel company, offered free RePack (normal cost is 3,50 €) to customers with orders over 99€, and average order value increased over 28% for RePack customers! This is a clear indicator that companies who offer sustainable & eco-friendly options to their customers see great results.

RePack has gone a step further than their packaging solution, already reducing waste and CO2 emissions significantly, to upcycle used bags into backpacks! They are really going the extra mile by considering all aspects of their value chain, which is a step that many companies can look to do as well.

"Once they RePack, they come back" is RePack's slogan. This is exactly what happens when customers see that a company cares about the environment.

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