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The 4 Most Sustainable Bicycle Companies

If you run a bicycle manufacturing business and want to reduce the environmental impact of your products, services, and operations, it’s useful to know what other companies like yours are doing. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top four most sustainable bicycle companies!

The most environmentally conscious bicycle businesses

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4 – Bjorn Bikes

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The brand’s first model, a do-it-all gravel frameset, is made with up to 60% recycled stainless steel and a fork that’s up to 70% recycled aluminium. The bike is also accompanied by a grip made from recycled materials.

3 – Specialized

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Specialized is a very large player, and one of the best ways they are integrating sustainability is with internal accountability for our social and environmental standards. This ensures that they're being adhered to throughout the company, including the supply chain.

2 – Pashley Cycles

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Pashley have not shifted to cheaper overseas manufacture and are to this day committed to the tradition of UK production and craftmanship. Pashley is directly supplied and supported by almost one hundred other British companies.

1 – Booomers Bamboo Bikes

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Booomers bicycle frames are designed to have a low material footprint by using natural materials - bamboo, sisal and plant-based eco-resin. Heat from solar power dries bamboo and powers their machinery. In the longer term (15+ years) if left untreated outdoors the frames will break down and not contribute to landfill.

What makes a bicycle business more sustainable

All companies are unique, but there are a few things every bicycle business can do to reduce its footprint and become more environmentally friendly:

  1. Use recycled and/or sustainably sourced raw materials wherever possible. A huge proportion of the environmental impact of the bicycle industry is the metal, carbon, and other materials used.
  1. Measure, reduce, and offset GHG emissions to become carbon neutral. Climate Neutral Now is one program organized by the UN to help companies, events, and other organizations become carbon neutral.
  1. Measure and reduce waste from product and operations. Most businesses do not measure the waste generated in the creation of their product or from their offices and other facilities. By working towards zero waste and a circular business model, bike businesses set themselves apart

Learn more about sustainability in the bicycle industry

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