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The 4 Most Sustainable Coffee Companies

If you run a coffee business and want to reduce the environmental impact of your products, services, and operations, it’s useful to know what other companies like yours are doing. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top four most sustainable coffee companies!

The most environmentally conscious coffee businesses

Learn more about sustainability in the coffee industry

4 – Equator Coffee

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Like Circle, Equator is based in Ottawa, Canada. They serve fair trade, organic coffee, they "commit to optimize sustainability in everything we do", and are a certified B Corp.

3 – Peace Coffee

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Peace is firmly rooted in the business of responsible and sustainable partnerships with each link in the supply chain. They serve organic, fair trade coffees from small-scale grower cooperatives that invest in their farmers. On top of that, they have a strong social mission.

2 – Kickapoo Coffee

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Wisconsin-based Kickapoo Coffee has a lot going for them from a sustainability standpoint. One of their founders studied sustainable development, they are solar-powered, the majority of their coffee is certified organic, and more.

1 – Grounds for Change

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Grounds for Change is B Corp certified, Carbon Neutral certified, and more. In their words, "attention to the social, environmental and financial impacts of conducting business forms the foundation of Grounds for Change."

What makes a coffee business more sustainable

All companies are unique, but there are a few things every coffee business can do to reduce its footprint and become more environmentally friendly:

  1. Get certified. Nearly all sustainability-focused coffee companies are certified Fair-Trade, Organic, and more and more are B Corporations as well.
  1. Measure, reduce, and offset GHG emissions to become carbon neutral. Climate Neutral Now is one program organized by the UN to help companies, events, and other organizations become carbon neutral.
  1. Measure and reduce waste from product and operations. Most businesses do not measure the waste generated in the creation of their product or from their offices and other facilities. By working towards zero waste and a circular business model, coffee businesses set themselves apart

Learn more about sustainability in the coffee industry

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