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The 5 Most Sustainable Furniture Companies

If you run a furniture business and want to reduce the environmental impact of your products, services, and operations, it’s useful to know what other companies like yours are doing. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top five most sustainable furniture companies!

The most environmentally conscious furniture businesses

Learn more about sustainability in the furniture industry

5 – Vivaterra

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VivaTerra is a retailer with a heart and a vision for both globally-inspired modern design and goods created with sustainability and integrity in mind. They strive to share this contemporary, artisan-crafted aesthetic with our consumers through unique and earth-friendly goods.

4 – Modish

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Modish supports sustainable and environment friendly lifestyles. They offer a large range of refurbished, reclaimed & recycled products that are stylish and chic. As a bonus, for every order in Modish, they plant a tree on your behalf!

3 – Joybird

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Joybird has partnered with local conservation groups to rejuvenate forests. For each item sold, they have committed to planting more trees than were used in the manufacturing of that item. Proceeds from each purchase are donated to these groups to assist in their conservation efforts. Joybird responsibly sources materials and is aware of its environmental impact.

2 – Avocado Mattress

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Avocado's mattress materials include GOLS organic certified latex, GOTS organic certified wool, GOTS organic certified cotton, and GOTS organic certified kapok fiber. Their mattress and bedding products are GREENGUARD Gold certified by UL Environment for low emissions. To top it all off, they are a certified B Corp.

1 – Ikea

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As IKEAs founder Ingvar Kamprad said, "No method is more effective than the good example." Ikea has been setting a sustainable business example for years. While they have one of the most extensive supply and distribution systems in the world, they have been sourcing better materials, running on renewable energy, and designing their for end-of-life.

What makes a furniture business more sustainable

All companies are unique, but there are a few things every coffee business can do to reduce its footprint and become more environmentally friendly:

  1. Materials, materials, materials. Furniture uses a wide variety of materials, and the unsustainable harvesting, processing, and disposal of these is the significant source of environmental impact of the industry. Selecting the right materials and considering the health of the customer is key to sustainable furniture.
  1. Measure, reduce, and offset GHG emissions to become carbon neutral. Carbon Neutral Now is one program organized by the UN to help companies, events, and other organizations become carbon neutral.
  1. Measure and reduce waste from product and operations. Most businesses do not measure the waste generated in the creation of their product or from their offices and other facilities. By working towards zero waste and a circular business model, furniture businesses set themselves apart

Learn more about sustainability in the furniture industry

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