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The Best Sustainability Reports of 2019

Every year, countless companies release sustainability reports. To learn more about sustainability reporting, read our post on sustainability reports or reach out!

Swarovski sustainability
Swarovski sustainability page

9 - Swarovski Sustainability Report

ReportSustainability Page

Shopify Environment
Shopify's environment page

8 - Shopify Sustainability Report

ReportEnvironment Page

Fedex environmental sustainability
Fedex environmental sustainability page

7 - Fedex Global Citizenship Report

Report | Sustainability Page

Google Sustainability
Google's environment page

6 - Google Environmental Report

Report | Environment Page

Visa environmental stewardship
Visa's environmental stewardship page

5 - Visa Corporate Responsibility Report

ReportOperating Responsibly Page

Salesforce stakeholder impact
Salesforce sustainability page

4 - Salesforce Stakeholder Impact Report

ReportSustainability Page

Apple environment
Apple's environment page

3 - Apple Environmental Responsibility Report

ReportEnvironment Page

3M Sustainability
3M sustainability page

2 - 3M Sustainability Report

ReportSustainability Page

Tesla carbon impact
Tesla carbon impact page

1 - Tesla Impact Report

ReportCarbon Impact Page

Patagonia business unusual
Patagonia business unusual statement

Bonus - Patagonia

Business Unusual Page

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