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We're taking a break

As of February 2021, Circle Environmental Solutions is taking some time off. Rest assured this is not the end of the journey, but rather a pit stop along the way. The road to impact can be long and every so often there is an unexpected curve.

We launched Circle in July 2019 with a dream and an ambitious mission to help use business to solve the myriad ecological crises we are collectively facing. We sought to drive change in any way we could, partnering with companies who wanted to take responsibility for their impact and make a difference.

In the pre-COVID world we were thriving, doing interesting and meaningful work with caring clients. We reached profitability by our second quarter and were on track to continue expanding our scale and scope.

As many businesses are currently focusing on other issues thus placing sustainability/ESG on the back burner, we have decided to pause Circle’s work until demand for sustainability consulting ramps up.

In the meantime we will be continuing to contribute to other work that will move us toward a more sustainable world:

John Fragos is working for the constituency of the Federal Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Marc Miller.

Gary Howard is a member of the board of the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation and is helping others reconnect with nature through Forest Therapy.

Lucas Fraser has joined the professional services of Figbytes and continues to head up Connecting Environmental Professionals Ottawa.

We look forward to our return to this promising organization when the time is right. At such time we will bring a wealth of new ideas, experience, and energy to our work. Until then you can reach us on LinkedIn or continue to make use of our resources.

Thank you for your support on our journey!

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