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Setting Measurable Goals

Collect high-quality data and use it to determine ambitious but achievable targets, then have certainty that you are making consistent progress.

Setting measurable goals

Find your data. See your progress.

Environmental impact reduction targets are developed with ambition.
Make data-driven decisions, and be confident in your choices.

Locate and aggregate data
Locate and aggregate data

Compile information from multiple sources, locations, and formats with ease

Set sustainability targets
Set bold and attainable targets

Impress your stakeholders by exceeding their expectations

Measure environmental data
Measure your wins, big and small

Ensure every action is recognized, and contributes to your overall success

Sustainability next steps


Let data inform your next step

Convert spreadsheets and energy invoices into an environmental footprint that you can act on.

Let data inform your next step
Global environmental impacts

set goals

Proceed with confidence

Take bold action with the knowledge that you are fundamentally reducing the negative environmental impacts of your organization.

Confident environmental targets

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Start measuring your impact and setting objectives and targets today