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sustainability roadmap

Define Your Sustainability Roadmap

Your business faces a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Define your vision, objectives, and the steps and resources required to achieve them.

Develop a customized and optimized strategy to reach your sustainability goals

Whether your goal is to go carbon-neutral, develop a more circular business model, or engage your employees in environmental programs, the path to reaching your goals will become clear when you work with Circle.

Define your sustainability roadmap
Environmental targets

Set Targets and Measures
For Your Sustainability Strategy

Collect high-quality data and use it to determine ambitious but achievable targets, then have certainty that you are making consistent progress.

Simplify the process of gathering, analyzing, and utilizing environmental data

Environmental impact reduction targets are core to a strong sustainability program. They are developed with good data and ambition. Whether you are setting net-zero or science-based targets, be confident in your choice.

Simplify gathering and analyzing environmental data
Reach environmental targets

Reach Your Environmental Goals,
One Initiative at a Time

Take action to launch renewable energy projects, sustainable procurement plans, low-carbon corporate travel, building efficiency retrofits, and much more.

From quick wins and low hanging fruit to carbon capture systems and circular product design

Design waste and carbon emissions out of your business model to meet and exceed your environmental impact reduction targets. Reduce your organization's footprint and impress your stakeholders

Reach your environmental goals
Sustainability report and ESG disclosure

Publish Accurate and Engaging
Sustainability Reports and ESG Disclosures

Communicate your progress and successes in a way that engages the people who will follow your lead and share your sustainability story.

Develop a smooth and effective process for sustainability reporting and filing ESG disclosures

Navigate the various frameworks and disclosure protocols with ease. Whether it's your first or your twentieth time reporting, be confident in the fact that your data is accurate, verifiable, and understandable to those who matter most.

ESG disclosures and responsibility report

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