John Fragos

John Fragos

Cofounder & Sustainability Consultant

Native to Montreal and its bustling social-entrepreneurial culture, John grew up with an insatiable longing to do more.

At 22, upon graduation, John began his post-undergraduate career working in the sports and entertainment industry with the Montreal Canadiens’ conglomerate company, Groupe CH, where he assumed a corporate advisory role to the human resources team.

Cognizant to the role, sway and seemingly unassailable assertion that the private sector contends over systemic change, John ascended to an anchoring and outspoken role on the organization’s corporate sustainability committee; advocating solutions that were of benefit to the business, its surrounding partners and to the resources and environment upon which it ostensibly relied.

At 23, having accrued invaluable experiences at CGI and Groupe CH, John decided to divert paths all while remaining committed to sustainability and to his proverbial longing to do more.

Leaving behind a career in human resources and communications, John opted to launch Circle Environmental Solutions with intent to broker and in turn solve pressing environmental issues.


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