Lucas Fraser

Lucas Fraser

Founder & CEO

Lucas works with businesses to help them understand, manage, and reduce their environmental impact in a way that is in line with their business goals. He is certified by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP-SA) and has experience in a range of innovative corporate sustainability and responsibility projects.

At the age of 19, Lucas was working in private equity in Montreal, learning the ins and outs of the high-growth tech world. When he was 20, on a trip through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, he witnessed firsthand the disastrous environmental side effects of global 'prosperity' on low-income countries and communities. You can hear about this epiphany in his TEDx Talk, given at the age of 21 after his series of vlogs - showcasing the life of a student with a passion for sustainable business, and a job in a clean-tech startup - gained traction in Montreal.

At 21, Lucas left the startup to work for Tesla in California, where his knowledge, skills, and passion to change the world grew deeper and more powerful.

After finishing their Bachelors of Commerce degrees, Lucas and John founded Circle to use business to solve the environmental crisis.

In his other role, as president of Connecting Environmental Professionals Ottawa (CEP), Lucas helps organize regular events bringing together ambitious environmental professionals to speak about emerging thoughts and ideas.


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Lucas Fraser

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